DEW – Dunstan E. Williams

Based on a July 10th, 2002 interview. View some of the late DEW’s past work.

Fat ChanceThe late Dunstan Eugene Williams is the father of the TT editorial/political cartoon as we know it today. For many years DEW was a staple in the Trinidad Guardian, the public eagerly looking forward to his works. In an interview on the 10th of July, 2002, DEW divulged that it was quite common for him to receive compliments from the general public, though admitted that, “congratulations rarely came from the employers.”

But as the popularity of his cartoons began to intensify (to the point that they were actually selling papers by themselves!), his job as ‘general artist’ inexplicably became redefined to include doing these cartoons on top of his other duties, and his income was therefore reverted to what it was before.

Of the public and otherwise DEW says that, “They see this as just a skylark! To do proper editorial cartoons is not as easy as people think. They don’t realise the difficulty to come up with something new AND FUNNY everyday.”

Sadly, on the 11th of December, 2004, DEW passed away after 69 years of inflicting others with his odd but infectious sense of humour. His well attended homage was paid on the 15th December 2004 at the Belgroves Prayer Room, San Fernando, Trinidad, and he was cremated at Belgroves Crematorium.

— Posted on Tuesday 1st January, 2019

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