Holly Bynoe

Interview on April 9th, 2008

Name: Holly Bynoe (Nickname: hbynoe)Revolt

Date of Birth: 28th May 1980

What is your favourite colour?
Tough one since I consider myself a lover of most colours—but I guess in the end Red and Black win out..

Favourite artist(s)… local or otherwise?
Zdzislaw Beksinski, Salvador Dali, Andrew Wyeth, Jan Saudek, Misha Gordin, Joel Peter Witkin, Loretta Lux, Erwin Olaf, Arno Rafael Minkkinen, Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison.

In a nutshell, what do you do?… what medium… and how would you describe your genre?…
My genre is photography. More so art photography, I try to mix conceptual imagery with the relevant motions of my life. I have been really lucky so far to find one outlet where with I express mysef. I wish I could pick up a paint brush and do the same though.

How did you first get an interest in art?
I come from an art starved background, nothing in my house growing up had any artistic tangibility, only thankfully my television. I was one of those adolesents who were peeled to the “idiot box” thankfully back then I was less cynical and it saved me and created a lot of ideas and means of escape for me.

Where/How did you learn?
I got my first point and shoot camera when I went to college in Trinidad, I started documenting my time there, my life with others who came and went. When I moved to New York to do take up an B.A in Communications, I passed the photo developing room one day and the smell coming out of it litterally drew me in. I signed up for my first analog black and white course and I was in love.

A brief history of your career…
Unfortunately I haven’t been able to catapult myself into a job that is completely related to my passion and love. But I have found video production. I studied it heavly when doing my Undergrad and when I came back home to St. Vincent I was lucky enough to be employed by one of the only Video Production Companies : Island Koncepts Inc. I have been there for almost two years, rising from Junior Editor to Production Manager to Assistant Manager. As soon as I get a chance to leave and follow what my heart desires I will.

What are some of your current art projects, personal or otherwise?
Let me put it in ways people can understand. Work has sucked me dry, I have a list of projects that are sitting in my head working their way around my synapses driving me crazy every day. Without models at my disposal who understand my work and my lifestyle I feel like a heart without blood.

What are some of your upcoming projects, personal or otherwise?
I have been thinking and formulizing two projects that I can do in St. Vincent, I cant go into detail but one is a visual study of Albinos on Bequia and the other involving Nature and the feminine.

Hobbies?… What do you do for kicks?
Holly doesn’t have kicks, okay well she lies, sometimes she does: movies, squash, swimming, cooking, I am quite boring. If I were elsewhere I would be building things, like large symmetrical things.

What’s your favourite food?
Oh god, lets see, I loved this restaurant on the lower east side of NYC that made some of the best warm chocolate cake that oozed goodness. But since I have been really good with my current healthy lifestyle I will say that I have a new love for salads that are prepared with love, and dolphin- the fish (not flipper), I also have a weak spot of Lime Pie that are made by one of my dear friends on Bequia, actually everything she makes is extraordinary but that stands out.

If you could be any animal, what animal would you be and why?
I would be more specifically a sea creature something like a mixture between a whale, an octupus, and a unicorn 🙂

Okay and finally… what are your long term career/life ambitions?
In a perfect world, I would have my photo studio and Media center set up to create what ever my heart desires. To work on projects that would catapult myself and the dear artists in my life to where we need to be. This media studio would encapsulate mediums such as photography, video & editing, graphic design, printing, magazine, multi media. There is so much one can do if surrounded by the right people and the right attitude.

Many thanks… anything else you’d like to add?
It was a pleasure finding this site and thank you for the opportunity.

Based on a April 9th, 2008 interview. View some of Holly’s past work.

— Posted on Wednesday 10th April, 2019

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