Keithos – Keith Anderson

Based on a 2002 interview. View some of Keithos’s past work.

HurricaneKeith ‘Keithos’ Anderson is the cheerful, always-optimistic, and well-loved editorial cartoonist of ‘The Trinidad Guardian’ Newspaper. He is pioneer of the publishing of an actual local comic-strip in TT press, his first cartoon being the 1968 ‘Common Entrance’ for ‘The Trinidad Express’.

Knowing the nature of print and the audience to which he writes, he understands that simple & straight-forward drawings are extremely effective, and has tailored his drawing style to suit this.

A self-described ‘bullshitter’, he says all he really likes is, “to make people happy… to make them laugh.”

He soon plans to open an exhibit called ‘The Fifty Faces of Caricature’, featuring satirising drawings of fifty prominent Trinbagonians.

— Posted on Tuesday 1st January, 2019

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