Laura Ferreira

Interview on September 25th, 2007

Name: Laura FerreiraTo the Runway

Date of Birth: 11/02/85

What is your favourite colour?
I like red and black together

Favourite artist(s)… local or otherwise?
Philip Warner

In a nutshell, what do you do?… what medium… and how would you describe your genre?…
Well right now I’m a full time freelance photographer who specialises in fashion and portraiture. I use a Canon 400D (or Digital Rebel Xti) with a Sigma 17-70mm lens and a single reflector. I’ve been using photo-editing / graphic software such as Adobe and Corel for over 10 years now.

I try to stand out from the usual look of portraiture by finding unusual places and coming up with themes for each session. I also have a few tricks up my sleeve but don’t bother asking me about them. I can’t really describe my work’s genre in one word because every shoot comes out different. Some photos are surreal, some are colourful and bright, and some are very sexy. When I do my own personal photos in my spare time (anything that’s not client shoots) I tend to go more for a dark / surreal feeling. I basically treat my work as art and not as standard photography.

How did you first get an interest in art?
I’ve been painting since I was very young, been doing graphics since I was 12, and websites for a few years now. This all stems from having a very artistic family. My mother is an unbelievable painter and she’s now getting into graphic art as well. Dad does a decent stickman.

Late last year I just decided to try out a new form of art. I started out by taking self-portraits with my point and shoot camera when I was on maternity leave (I have an 11month old son), then by March of this year I saved up enough cash and bought my first DSLR camera. A month later I started doing paid photoshoots with clients. Things move pretty fast for me because once I start something I don’t stop. I guess I get very preoccupied with my work and keep going until I’m exhausted.

The man whose work inspired me the most was Philip Warner, who is actually a fetish photographer. I observed every aspect of his photos from lighting to angles to colour and styling, then went ahead and did my own thing.

Where/How did you learn?
I’m self taught. I’m just very observant. I always hated studying in school because there was never anything there that I was passionate about, but with photography I do my research and I take my time, and I’m very serious about it….and I’m still learning as I go along.

A brief history of your career…
This is going to be very brief!
In March 2007 I got my camera, which is no “fancy hi-tech” one (actually one of the cheapest on the market right now) and since that fateful day I’ve just been doing a lot of private jobs with clients who found me via my website (which I recently built), my Facebook group, my Flickr account or just word of mouth. I’ve also had a lot of communication with different magazines, both local and regional and will be doing a fashion spread (my first) for one of them shortly.

What are some of your current art projects, personal or otherwise?
Right now I’m very busy with client shoots, had 5 last week and that really tired me out. I need to stock up on Redbull or something. Other than that I’m trying to relax a bit and become less of a workaholic. I even dream about shoot ideas when I sleep!

What are some of your upcoming projects, personal or otherwise?
I will soon be working on a Halloween themed fashion spread for a local magazine. I’m pretty excited about that because I can do “dark” very easily. Once I hear anything about a shoot my mind starts racing with ideas so right now I’m preparing myself for that one.

Hobbies?… What do you do for kicks?
Since I got my first computer back in 18…7…5….. which was the Aptiva, I’ve been an incredible game peong. So when I want to chill and relax (chillax?) I play World of Warcraft, Thief, Starcraft, Diablo, Oblivion, and any of the many games I have on my pc. If my brothers are hogging the tv I’d play some console games with them (though this rarely happens because they get emotional when they die). Other than that I do a lot of song writing and record my music using Fruity Loops and hooking up my guitar to my pc, and blaring into my little computer mic. Good fun.

What’s your favourite food?
I love tacos, and arepas from Don Pan in Miami (though last time I was there was in 15…8….2), but I had to ask my boyfriend this question and he said this, “you don’t have one, you always change your favorite food/snacks. One month you’ll be craving something then the next month it’ll be something different, but if I’d have to choose something overall I would say “shrimp”


If you could be any animal, what animal would you be and why?
I’d be a unicorn because they only exist in fantasy worlds.

Okay and finally… what are your long term career/life ambitions?
Get rich or die trying.

No I’m joking. I want to be successful with my business, not so much for me but for my son. I want to be able to give him whatever he needs in life (but not spoil him and turn him into a brat). I’d love to work on an international level, and see the world as I do so. If I ever make it big, I want to take care of all my friends and the people who helped me get to where I am (and I’d like to thank gaaadddd for this oscar).

Many thanks… anything else you’d like to add?
Fish are really pointless pets.

Based on a September 25th, 2007 interview. View some of Laura’s past work.

— Posted on Tuesday 1st October, 2019

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