Marsha Bhagwansingh

Based on a 2005 interview. View some of Marsha’s past work.

GoddessMarsha Bhagwansingh is a highly-trained, multi-talented Artist, hailing from Southern Trinidad. Always exploring styles, her artwork comprises elements of an abstract, realistic, surrealistic, fantastic & organic nature. This added to her enduring interest in astronomy and science-fiction, gives her creations a dreamy quality, that is quite unique to her.

Marsha currently teaches art privately for a living. She also sells ceramic items, trinket boxes, votives, collectibles, clay houses & souvenir items. All of which are made in her studio. Marsha intends to open her own Art School in Trinidad sometime in the future.

Marsha has been refining her technique & style for many years, studying at the Ian Attongs’s School of Art. She then persued her associate degree in art at the Miami Dade Community College. Added to this, she has taken many courses in graphic design, interior design & web design.

— Posted on Saturday 5th January, 2019

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