Michael Tang Yew

Interview on December 5th, 2006

Name: Michael D. Tang YewKillachicken

Date of Birth: 1982 April 22nd

What is your favourite colour?
I love all colours actually, over the years they all grew on me.

Favourite artist(s)… local or otherwise?
Gez Fry is incredible, check him out at www.gezfry.com, also most of the artists on mojizu.com.

In a nutshell, what do you do?… what medium… and how would you describe your genre?…
I have a passion for Motion Graphics, 3d Illustration, Print and Web Design. I want to venture into film making in the near future. I think I would consider myself a “generalist”, is that a word?

How did you first get an interest in art?
Watching Cartoons and trying to make my own at around between 7 and 10yrs old, it’s been so long I can’t remember. =)

Where/How did you learn?
Everything is self-taught. I’m constantly learning, creating new techniques for faster and visually pleasing production.

A brief history of your career…
I worked for CCN Tv6 from 2001 to present. At this fast pace, torturous, deadline driven company, I can proudly say I developed my speed, creative and program knowledge.

What are some of your current art projects, personal or otherwise?
Most of my current projects are 3d Architecture and Ids/idents for companies. Some personal artwork can be seen over at www.mojizu.com, look for my profile under Pixel1.

What are some of your upcoming projects, personal or otherwise?
More 3d architecture.

Hobbies?… What do you do for kicks?
I’m a fish hobbyist I breed and develop lines of Halfmoon Plakats/Fighters to keep my sanity.

What’s your favourite food?

If you could be any animal, what animal would you be and why?
I’d be a pygmy marmoset. Cuz they’re awesome!

Okay and finally… what are your long term career/life ambitions?
Pixel One Studios is my main focus now.

Many thanks… anything else you’d like to add?
Feel free to send me demos of your artwork, I enjoy collaborating and making new friends. I also outsource talented artists for some of my projects. Thanks for your time! Scribble Factory rules!

Based on a December 5th, 2006 interview. View some of Michael’s past work.

— Posted on Tuesday 10th December, 2019

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