Roger McCollin

Based on a 2006 interview. View some of Roger’s past work.

Roger approaches animation from the point of view of a story-teller. His scripts and concepts are always well written, and in most cases beyond what is seen in local animated shorts.

His main motivation, even from childhood, is to experiment in different artforms. Roger could be found scribbling all sorts of chalk drawings out in his backyard as a child, and this love of creation grew with him, these days, though, with digital media holding much of his focus.

His movies have received quite a bit of praise at Animae Caribe, and he has won an array of awards including Best Music in 2002 for “Run Henry Run”, Most Outstanding Animation and Best Script in 2003 for “Given Enough Rope”, and again received Best Script in 2004 for “Asha’s Smile”. Despite all these achievements, Roger isn’t usually inclined to call himself ‘an animator’, stating that he knows he needs much practice before he could really feel comfortable with his animation abilities.

“I would call myself a ‘designer’, and as a designer the whole concept of motion is very important to me.”

Today, Roger continues doing what he does best, refining his abilities to a sharp point. He also intends to keep writing scripts and hopes to see a few more of these animated in the near future.

— Posted on Sunday 6th January, 2019

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