Shaun Rambaran

Interview on January 13th, 2009

Name: Shaun RambaranSmoking Girl

Date of Birth: 13th February 1985

What is your favourite colour?

Favourite artist(s)… local or otherwise?
Banksy, Jim Henson, Jim Talkington, DEW.

In a nutshell, what do you do?… what medium… and how would you describe your genre?…
I make really, really cool websites. Other than that, I experiment in a bunch of other things… whatever seems fun at the time. Digital photography and stop-motion animation are high on my list these days.

How did you first get an interest in art?
I don’t remember “getting” an interest in art. It’s always been a natural part of my personality, I think. Curiousity.

Where/How did you learn?
My web-design knowledge is self-taught. The first step for me was following along with an excellent HTML tutorial site called ““.
My graphic design skill was learnt mostly by observing my sister who is a fantastic graphic artist.
And my animation knowledge (and interest too) I got by observing my brother-in-law.
I learnt how to use an SLR camera through a UWI School of Continuing Studies course. From there, LOTS of 2 a.m. practice on my own. I still have the dark areas under my eyes from that. I’m getting better slowly. But the practice never stops.

A brief history of your career…
I wouldn’t say I have a “career” in art. I’ve had lots of short jobs in lots of varied fields. Everything from small, desktop printeries to full-fledged advertising agencies. In my last job I made online casinos.

What are some of your current art projects, personal or otherwise?
I have a top secret photography project I’m working on. That’s the main one these days.
Other than that, I’m building personal websites and freelancing in-between.

What are some of your upcoming projects, personal or otherwise?
See above.

Hobbies?… What do you do for kicks?
Random activities, as random as the rest of my life.
When I’m not glued to my computer, you’ll likely find me kayaking, riding, playing tennis, shooting pool or reading like a demon.

What’s your favourite food?

If you could be any animal, what animal would you be and why?
Sometime ago I might have given a funny answer to this question. These days though, I have the audacity to say that I’m so proud of being a human that I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

Okay and finally… what are your long term career/life ambitions?
To be happy.

Many thanks… anything else you’d like to add?
Go to my Facebook Page and become a fan, god dammit.

Based on a January 13th, 2009 interview. View some of Shaun’s past work.

— Posted on Tuesday 15th January, 2019

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