Warren Le Platte

Interview on December 4th, 2006

Name: Warren Le PlattePower

Date of Birth: February 5th 1978

What is your favourite colour?
Blue and black

Favourite artist(s)… local or otherwise?
Stuart Hahn, Nikolai Noel, Marlon Griffith, James Hackett,

In a nutshell, what do you do?… what medium… and how would you describe your genre?…
I’m a graphic designer by trade; I use whatever it takes to get the job done. Illustration-wise I prefer coloured pencils but recently I have started pencilling and inking by hand and colouring via computer. For layout and design I use QuarkXPress, Photoshop, Corel Draw and Illustrator.

How did you first get an interest in art?
Ever since I have known myself I have been drawing. The backs of all my books would be full of things that I drew, I would try to copy cartoons and illustrations that I saw.

Where/How did you learn?
It started with me copying what I saw in comic books and magazines in primary school, then from looking at people draw and asking questions, then through my art teacher in secondary school, Patrick Roberts, and I’m still learning now, I don’t think it’s a process that stops (at least it shouldn’t).

A brief history of your career…
Well my “career” started with me along the rest of my form 3 art class designing and producing posters for our school’s bazaar. At 6th form, I was the only student doing graphic design for exams so it fell on me to not only put together Trinity College’s first annual art exhibition, but to design the tickets, flyers and set for the school’s first annual talent and variety show “Shades of Culture” soon after I began working with James Hackett doing illustrations for the Vox Magazine. After about 5 years of freelance work with Vox I was permanently employed with Express Newspaper, doing layout and design while still doing freelance illustrations while attending John Donaldson Technical Institute. Currently I am still doing freelance illustration and design while also freelancing with Newsday newspaper and reading for my degree at UWI. Aside from illustrations I am a member of the Trinity Carnival Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation that has been producing a children’s carnival band for over 12 years, I have assisted in designing for the kiddies band as well as 2 adult bands, 2 Peas and D Pod and now Image Nation.

What are some of your current art projects, personal or otherwise?
I am now in my second year at the University of the West Indies pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Carnival Studies (yes there is such a degree). I have just finished writing a not so short, short story that I intend to illustrate and publish. I am also working with a Carnival band for 2007 you can get more info on that at www.imagenationltd.com and www.imagenationltd.blogspot.com

What are some of your upcoming projects, personal or otherwise?
Apart for the publishing of my book, graduating with honours in a year’s time.

Hobbies?… What do you do for kicks?
Funny you should say kicks, I’m into the martial arts. I have been a member of the Aquarian Wushu Pai Kung Fu School for over 5 years now, granted I haven’t had the time to dedicate to kung fu lately because of UWI, that’s one of the things I’m passionate about. Apart from that, reading, videogames, movies, drawing, the occasional lime or party (when time and school permits of course).

What’s your favourite food?

If you could be any animal, what animal would you be and why?
Being influenced by my Kung Fu training, I would say either a Tiger or a Monkey (granted my mom has always told me I already act like one). Tiger for its grace and power and monkey for its strength, speed and unpredictability.

Okay and finally… what are your long term career/life ambitions?
I want to help develop a definite art style for Trinidad and Tobago an identity that when anyone sees it can say without a doubt that this artwork is definitely Trinidadian or Trinbagonian. I want to illustrate a series of children’s books and a graphic novel based on local folklore. Become a millionaire of course. Become a competent and successful designer locally and abroad.

Many thanks… anything else you’d like to add?
Do not approach art as a hobby, if you do, then that’s all it will be. Be smart and learn not only the art and artistic side of it… but also the business side, art is one of the few professions that you can make money with at almost anytime in your life, be smart and market yourself and your work. Understand that you cannot only be a successful artist but also a successful businessperson. Love what you do and do what you love, regardless of what it is you choose… if you don’t love it, you may be tempted to give up on it and yourself. (I think I’ve run out of smart sounding things to say.. lol… )

Based on a December 4th, 2006 interview. View some of Warren’s past work.

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