But is It Art?

Working creatives – the graphic artists, designers, photographers, animators – of the Caribbean are the people who, quite literally, invent the world that we see around us (as least the commercial world).

But is it Art?

Almost every designer I know feels as though she (or he) has sold her soul, spending all her time on projects for everyone else, commercial clients who under-appreciate her work, with zero time left to create and say what she really, really needs to!

We think of ‘Art’ as being this rock-breaking force, that pushes boundaries, stirs emotions, sparks revolutions, alters our world! Certainly a fantastic commercial photograph, advert, etc. can stir emotions and alter the buying habits of consumers, but that’s not it, is it? Of course not.

Is there anyway to placate both realities of the world in which we live? The reality of needing to earn a salary to maintain ourselves, and the reality that we only have so many healthy years of our lives to say what we need to say.

Can it even be done?

I ask you.

— Posted on Monday 22nd October, 2018

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